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Featuring a steepled open high ceiling and all wood tracking room with natural light stained-glass windows, Sonic Temple Las Vegas can easily accommodate and adapt to most live room setups. Our ‘Big Room’ boasts an unmatched warm natural ambience that rivals all the truly great recording rooms. Aside from its unique atmosphere and highly ‘creative vibe’, this room is windowed for line of sight to the control and isolation rooms and, as a former church, a comfortable occupancy/capacity of up to 99 persons.


Our cutting-edge high tech ‘Control Room’ is a near field nirvana that was designed with 360 balanced acoustic reflectivity/absorption to support our 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos® Immersion Mix environment. Stereo Mixing and Monitoring is supported with unique flat response calibrated monitors that are capable of perfectly emulating over a dozen popular studio speaker models. We also feature the Slate VSX headphone system that further allows binaural emulation of world-famous recording, mix and mastering rooms as well as headphone modeling and nightclub/automobile impulse response. STLV has dual touch screen DAW control with a motorized touch sense 8 channel fader controller for the ‘old school’ console operators and those who prefer to not struggle with a mouse.


The STLV ‘ISO Room” is designed and acoustically built as an ideal environment for vocals and overdubs with the ability to be adjusted for reflectivity and absorption. The Iso Room is also windowed to permit line of sight to both the control room and tracking room.


Mike Gillies is a Las Vegas based music producer, audio recording engineer, mix engineer, music and digital editor best known for studio and touring work with music industry icons Metallica almost exclusively from 2003-2018. Notable work with other artists and producers include: Luke Combs, Shania Twain, Bryan Adams, Kenny Loggins, Ray Davies, Lou Reed, Mötley Crüe, The Cult, Bob Rock, Rick Rubin, Peter Asher, Greg Fidelman. Mike Gillies has contributed work on albums with total global sales exceeding 75 million units:


Sonic Temple Las Vegas

919 E Bonneville Ave Las Vegas NV 89101

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